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Though we specialize in personalized training, we understand the importance of group instruction and student interaction. All personalized programs include access to Group & Sparring classes.  We also offer seminars to students and outside groups.


At Tracy’s Karate we offer engaging group classes where you can learn the basic tenants of karate at your own pace. Group classes are designed to complement your private lessons. They are energetic, a great way to get in top shape, and can provide a wide variety of friendly opponents to practice your skills.

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Once a student is proficient with basic moves, they are eligible to start sparring. The art of fighting is broken down to make learning easy and understandable. Students are taught not just how to throw kicks and punches, but how to use those skills in distinct ways by adapting to different opponents and scenarios.

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Seminars at Tracy’s Karate are informative, fun, & exciting. You will learn how to defend yourself and your family.  They are perfect for a Lady’s Night Out, High School Graduating Seniors preparing for college life or any type of group. Seminars are designed for ages 13 & up and generally run about 2 hours.

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