Women’s Self Defense Classes in Chesterfield

Take Charge of Your Safety

We live in dangerous times, there’s no doubt about it. Every day, people find themselves in unexpected situations that put them in harm’s way. When you learn self-defense at Tracy’s Karate you will be taught the skills to successfully navigate dangerous situations and defend yourself against would-be assailants. Learning powerful, self-defense techniques instills confidence and empowers women to confront any situation in life.

With our self-defense classes, will gain:

  • A better understanding on basic self-defense skills
  • Hands on training on how to escape unfavorable situations
  • Gain vital skills and training that can potentially protect your and your loved ones

Martial Arts Training Empowers Women

At Tracy’s Karate, you learn more than physical self-defense. You will gain immeasurable self-confidence to take control of any situation and successfully navigate the challenges of life. Take charge of your life today and call us at (636) 778-3303 to schedule a free private lesson with our experienced instructors!

Why Visit Tracy’s?

  • No Testing Fees
  • Focus on the Individual
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Professional Black Belt Staff
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Individualized Lessons and Training
  • No Long-Term Contracts


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