About Tracy’s Karate

Tracy’s Karate has been in the St. Louis area for almost 50 years. The Tracy’s organization was started by brothers Al and Jim Tracy. Together they revolutionized how karate was taught in the United States. Before Tracy’s all karate and martial arts classes were taught solely in a group setting. Learning karate, self-defense, martial arts, or sport fighting in a private setting is the most efficient and effective way.

Private Lesson


You are unique. How you learn is unique. Your goals and stage in life are unique. Your lessons should be unique. Your private lessons will be designed around what you want and need. Do you want to become a “black belt”, do you want to get into better shape, or do you want to become more comfortable in this potentially violent world. Your lesson will revolve around you.

Group Classes


Along with your private lessons we also offer group classes. Group classes are the perfect compliment to the private lessons. Our group classes give you a chance to practice your kicks and punches while getting into great shape. We promote a club atmosphere so that while you are getting a great work out you will have fun.

Sparring Classes


parring is the “game” that we as martial artists get to play. After you have been taught and become proficient with some of our basic moves you will be eligible to start sparring. The art of fighting will be broken down to make learning how to fight easy and understandable. You will be taught not just how to throw kicks and punches but how to use those skills in different ways so that you will be able to adapt to different opponents and scenarios.

Birthday Parties


Let us take care of your next birthday party. Karate parties are great for ages 5 to 65. Everyone will have a great time learning karate, self-defense, playing karate games, getting in a fun workout, and watching the cake get cut by a real samurai sword. You and your guest will even receive a karate party favor.

Parties run one hour and 15 minutes and start at only $150.00 for the first 10 guest and $10.oo more for each additional guest.

Why Visit Tracy’s?

  • No Testing Fees
  • Focus on the Individual
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Professional Black Belt Staff
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Individualized Lessons and Training
  • No Long-Term Contracts


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